Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i just want to say that i think pranks are stupid and childish. today at practice someone snuck into locker room and then cut the tops off of all the hats. you cant wear a hat without the top part!

im not going to let them get the better of me. im going to be the bigger man. im going to get some suntan lotion for the top of my head and theyre all going to be jealous of my headtan. do they have headtans? if they do im gonna win the contest.

Friday, September 12, 2008

getting ready

we all just went to take our team pictures for this year. i look like im going for prison mugshots lololol!

went over some basic stuff with rob today before gameday. did you know that i can hold the ball AND kick the ball? thats a lot of versatility right there. i should work on my passing so i can compete for qb next year. being short never stopped drew brees right? lolol!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

big time win

we beat the colts! we're undefeated, baby! just got home - whoo!

got lots of work in today with five punts. one of them was a really nice kick - over 55 yards (i think) to pin them deep. k-whatevermynameis-ratliff totally had nowhere to go.

oh and rob nailed that kick at the end to win it. he told me the hold was super perfect. im just doing my job right?

went to go see brian after the game for a bit - did you know he's building a log cabin? thats pretty cool. here's an older pic of us:

man do i look good there. maybe its something with standing next to people that arent 6 feet tall or 400 pounds, right? lololol.

Friday, August 29, 2008

just for fun

really looking forward to a great new year with the guys. we're going to surprise a lot of people, and hopes are really high right now. just needed to get out some of the excitement!

cant wait for the season to start!